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Southworth PalletPal Walkie Mobile Leveler - 4,500 lbs Capacity
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Model Number:  PalletPal-Walkie
The PalletPal Walkie is an automatic spring actuated adaptor that converts your existing powered walkie or rider pallet trucks into operator friendly level loaders. The PalletPal Walkie works with all standard electric walkie and walkie/riders.  Learn More...
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Southworth PalletPal Walkie Mobile Leveler - 4,500 lbs Capacity
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Lifetime warranty on calibrated spring. Parts and labor are cover for one year.
The PalletPal Walkie is a passive spring actuated level loader making loading pallets faster, safer and easier. This simple, automatic, load leveler uses a calibrated spring to lower the load as cases, boxes or cartons are added. No power supply is required. No modifications or special attachments are required – fits all standard electric walkies and walkie riders. Pallet loads up to 4,500 lbs. can be handled with self leveling between 400 - 2,500 lbs. The specially designed baseframe has generous tapered openings at each end to receive the forks of all standard electric walkies. That means easy pickup and drop off without binding and the Walkie, loaded or empty will not slip once on the forks. Pallet truck sold separately.

How To Use It For Order Picking:

A worker simply drives the pallet truck into the PalletPal's built in fork channels (flared ends in fork channels make lining up the forks simple). An empty pallet is positioned on the skid resistant platform. The worker does the same job he has always done except, the platform is at a comfortable height which can be loaded easily with no bending or stretching. As more items are added the Walkie's spring compresses to lower the platform while keeping the top level at a comfortable, ergonomic height.

Features Include:
  • Automatic height adjustment - spring mechanism responds to load
  • Requires no electrical power
  • Platform accommodates all types of pallets and skids including GEO and half pallets
  • Platform recesses and narrow base pads allow workers to get closer to the load.

Advantages Include:
  • Increased Efficiency and Productivity
  • Reduced Product Damage / Waste
  • Lower Risk of Injury
  • Reduced Worker Fatigue
  • Lower Employee Turnover
  • Lower Worker's Compensation Costs
Capacity (lbs) 4500 lbs. with auto leveling for loads between 400 and 2,500 lbs.
Manufacturer Southworth
Platform Width (in) 38 in
Platform Length (in) 45 in with special non-slip finish to retain pallets from sliding. Platform includes inset relief along each 45” long side for operator footing on base.
Lowered Height (in) 9.8125 in
Raised Height (in) 31 in
Vertical Travel (in) 21.1875 in
Finish Red base and legs, platform is black non-slip epoxy with high visibility yellow edge.
Base Size 33” wide x 46” long with special reinforced fork pockets to engage and position on the forks of an electric walkie or walkie rider. Includes non-skid surface along both 46” long sides to accommodate a step area for the operator
Type Passive Spring
Mobility Portable
Platform Type Standard
Product Weight 414 lbs